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(Bacillus subtilis)


Sugarcane, Turmeric, Paddy, Banana, Tomato, Brinjal, Chillies, Onion, Coconut, Pulses, Tea, Cardamom, Pepper, Coffee, Vegetables and Flowering Plants.

Salient Features

  • Bannari Zn-Solubilizer is used as natural biological control agent. The role of Leaf Care is suppressing the fungal  growth which has both antagonistic and hydrolytic    activity.
  • Bannari Zn-Solubilizer is found in the root zone. It increases the plant growth and cause lysis of fungal mycelia.
  • Bannari Zn-Solubilizer produces mycolytic enzymes, chitinase, glucanase, cellulase.
  • Bannari Zn-Solubilizer also has nematicidal activity.
  • It mobilize the insoluble phosphorus and zinc in soil and make it available which can be readily assimilated by the plants.

Methods of application

Seed treatment

Mix 100 ml of Bannari Zn- Solubilizer with rice gruel or 5 % jaggery solution. Treat the seed materials required for an acre in the slurry before sowing.


Seedling, Tuber and Sett treatment

Dip the seedling, tuber and sett required for an acre in the solution containing 1 litre of Bannari Zn-Solubilizer with 50 litres of water.

Foliar spray

Mix 15 gm of Bannari Zn-Solubilizer and 10 gm jaggery in 1 litre of water for spraying and spray in early morning or evening to get good result. Repeat the spray at fortnightly interval.

Soil application

Mix 3-4 litres of Bannari Zn-Solubilizer per acre with 500 kgs of well decomposed farm yard manure or biocompost and apply in the field.


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